By: FIVE12 GAMES on APRIL 2018

Orn the tiny forest sprite is FIVE12 GAMES first title, currently in development and here you should find any info you might need to post articles or get more informed about Orn the tiny forest sprite.

If you have any further questions or need any additional information posted to this page please let us

know at : CONTACT.

You can find out more about us and Orn the tiny forest sprite development here: five12games.com


-DEVELOPER: FIVE12 GAMES, a small two man indie games team based in Worthing.

-RELEASE DATE FOR PC: (Steam Early Access) August 2017

-WEBSITE: orn-game.com

-PRICE: $8.99 USD

-AVAILABILITY: Digital Download. Possibly other platforms in the future.

-LANGUAGES: English. Possibly other languages in the future.

-PRESS CONTACT: press@five12games.com / CONTACT

-SOCIAL: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


Currently under development, Beautiful levels and a lovable hero take the spotlight in Orn the tiny forest sprite, a 3D side-scroller inspired by both classic and modern platformers.

Join the adventure and help Orn save the land, but be warned your journey will not be an easy one.


-NO SAVE POINTS, NO EXTRA LIVES: Traverse through the exciting world of Orn the tiny forest sprite, but be warned should you fail half way through you will have to start again. -Only once a chapter is complete will a new one be unlocked.

-HARDER AND HARDER: The more you progress through each chapter the harder they get. Speed, patience and good memory are key.

-PRICEY JUMP: Orn can’t jump without assistance from a stamina fruit. Fill up your stamina bar and use your jumps wisely, should you run out you’ll have to start again.


Orn the tiny forest sprite is being developed by FIVE12 GAMES in Worthing, UK.

Five12 Games Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Sean Gore and Christoph Lehmann.


Sean Gore: Games Designer, Level Design, Level Layout, U.I Artist, Character Artist, Narrative Technical & 3D Artist.

Christoph Lehmann: Games Designer, Level design, Technical Artist, Narrative & 3D Artist.


We’re a two person, highly motivated and skilled team. We have worked together since meeting at University where we each completed our studies with the following qualifications from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK

Bachelor of Arts (HONS) Games Design (July 2013)

Master of Arts, Games Design (Dec 2014)

We both gained experience from varied freelance projects and this allowed us to realise our dream to create our own games.

Orn The Tiny Forest Sprite, is our dream come to life, our first title as Five12 Games.

We are a studio born from two friends. Though it’s a lot of work our passion for games inspires us to keep making beautiful fun games that we hope our fans enjoy, as much as we enjoy making them.


Orn the tiny forest sprite: Green Light Trailer